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Great that you are thinking of coming to our service.
God is already waiting for you and we are looking forward to welcoming you personally.

Gottesdienst Neu hier

Pilgramstraße 4


Wir feiern unsere Gottesdienste immer sonntags um 11 Uhr in der Pilgramstraße 4 in Heilbronn Sontheim.


Kids three years and older receive an age-appropriate program with short biblical input, games, fun and action.

To those younger than three years, we offer a play area. Here the parents can stay with their kids while following a broadcast of the service.

Kids Neu hier

Kids Church – 11 Uhr


Snacks & Kaffee


It is worth coming to church earlier! Our bistro team will make you a really good coffee that you can drink in a cozy atmosphere. 


You need translation? 

Whether you're attending online or on-site, our translation team will provide you with a translation of the sermon into English - straight to your phone!

To do this, take your phone and headphones and follow the steps in the translation guide.

Translation Neu hier


Leckere Häppchen für das Welcome Dinner

Get to know us

27. Oktober 2023

Welcome Dinner

Das Welcome Dinner ist ein Abend für alle neuen Leute, die die City Church kennen lernen wollen. In guter Gemeinschaft kannst du Kontakte knüpfen und deine Fragen zur Church loswerden.

Dazu treffen wir uns in unserem Church Space in der Lise-Meitner-Straße 25.

Das nächste Welcome-Dinner findet am 27. Oktober um 19 Uhr statt. Melde dich unten am besten gleich an!